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not AS gay! WHoa ANgela that's NAsty!

02:10] yajma: i want a man so strong, he can support a whole nation
[02:10] thefiske: you want ronald reagan?
[02:10] yajma: i want muscles and classic charm
[02:10] yajma: maybe i do
[02:10] yajma: maybe Aronld
[02:10] yajma: but whiter
[02:10] yajma: with less accent
[02:10] thefiske: hah
[02:10] yajma: or maybe doesn't speak english at all
[02:10] yajma: and knows how to use a scrub brush
[02:11] yajma: preferably under 20 years old
[02:11] thefiske: you pedophile!
[02:11] yajma: WHAT? can you blame me
[02:11] yajma: das goot yeah?
[02:11] yajma: oh yes Hans, that's so good
[02:11] thefiske: goot, goot...
[02:11] yajma: let me show you my ginger bread house! You can eat it up!
[02:12] yajma: bring Gretel! We'll get nasty!
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