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Here's my new plan. Since i hate everyone on my friend list, except you 2, anything i write from this day forward will be posted only in titanic panic. this will be a great way to avoid everything. It will be like Lj lite, half the drama, no fun at all! and i can be a big ass tard. you should be tarded too!

ALSO miranda can read this. And she should, cause i'm going to shit talk her so hard!

OH RIGHT NOW AT WORK THIS DUDE I WORK WITH IS LOOKIN' at a picture of a nekkid black chick. She has a great bush.

Today on my way to work there was another parade, for St Patrick Day. [this city is one huge parade, everyday]
But there was a marching band, of asian boyscouts playing the Top Gun Anthem. I almost wept. it was so beautiful with so much xylophone.
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