Jenn-icide (getyerfunkon) wrote in titanicpanic,

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(i just really wanted to post something here.)

Oh Titanic Panic,
you hot sexy neo-dadist art collective you.
with unicorns.
and slave boys.

what exactly is the plan for new years? Jacki, inform me more on that party.
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Well once the robots let me out of work i'll be there at like 8pm. I guess Meno Beano (mali eno) wants to set everything up so she gets a key to mi casa. es muy bueno
yeah yeah
so uh mali is basically inviting all of her friends.. I don't see people and everyone i invite is going out of town.
so yeah invite millions.
I hate having parties.
but you're all invited! I"ll be there at 8pm bring lots of bitches.
but i have no bitches!
then bring some pseudo bitches
i just have sheep in bitch costumes but i guess that'll have to do
we are going to need directions to your house
very easy simple directions because we may attend multiple parties in multiple cities and may not be our sharpest
you just stay on division
take a left on Saunders (the one way across from Layfeyette st) park in the church parking lot.
Easy! yay!
people better show up or i'm totally blowing the place up
damn it.
now i don't want to show up,
but i'm torn because i want to see the explosion.
we can blow something up i'm sure....